sumIT auf der Oracle OpenWorld 2009

In der Woche vom 11.-15. Oktober findet in San Francisco die Oracle OpenWorld 2009 statt.


sumIT präsentiert eine Case Study zum Aufbau des DWH bei der MigrosBank.

Vortragender ist Dr. Holger Friedrich, technischer Leiter der sumIT.

Der Session Abstract im Wortlaut:

Most companies today must justify their IT projects by demonstrating a low TCO for the projects. Determining the optimal cost structure for your project is key to gaining approval. In this session, sumIT discusses how it built a new Oracle data warehouse for Migros Bank cost-effectively in less than 18 months with only two full-time employees. Apart from project management tips and tricks, sumIT covers how it was able to leverage features of Oracle Database to lower its cost structure while maximizing developer productivity and improving its system performance and manageability.